Support through Special Charity Events

Several fundraising events are organized each year to create awareness about leprosy and also to raise much needed funds. Such events are Musical Extravaganzas, Ghazal Nites, Celebrity Dinners, Comedy Shows, Theatre Programmes, Auctions, Exhibitions etc.

You can contribute for Sponsorship: INR 5,00,000/- and for Co-Sponsorship INR 2,00,000/-

In reciprocation, several benefits will be given to Sponsors / Co-sponsors such as Visibility in media advertisement / backdrop at the stage / announcement at the event / complimentary tickets / IT exemptions etc.

Advertising in the souvenir, which is released at our special charity fundraising events: INR 10,000/- ; INR 20,000/- ; INR 30,000/-; INR 50,000/-

Donor cards for: INR 300/- ; INR 500/- ; INR 1,000/-; INR 3,000/-