Enable us to provide Quality Care for Leprosy affected persons

The medical teams at the leprosy referral centres confirm diagnosis, treat complications, provide physiotherapy services, ulcer care, give protective aids, and teach self care to patients with disabilities and deformities.
The doctor, and the Leprosy technician, physio therapist team attending weekly LRC treat on an average 100 patients a month per LRC. ALERT-INDIA supports 123 Leprosy Referral Centres in Maharashtra with its technical team directly managing more than 60 LRCs directly with its manpower. Others are managed by partners. ALERT-INDIA spends INR 6 Lakhs per month on technical personnel, medical supplies and transportation of medical teams.

You can contribute: INR 10,000/- | INR 20,000/- | INR 30,000/- | INR 50,000/-